“Helena” by My Chemical Romance (2005)

(Foreword: This post is first posted on the Blogger/Blogspot version of this blog on May 30, 2015.)

Summer vacation led to “Helena”

How blessed I was 10 years ago! If it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have heard “Helena” (plus some songs I’m gonna feature here in some other time). Those were the good old times for all forms of rock music, both foreign and OPM (original Filipino music).

It was one hot May afternoon in the capital, where my mother used to work. I was there for vacation. Browsing channels while waiting to shut eye for siesta, I stumbled upon the music video of the song on a local channel that play music videos at lunch times. The video was already at half-way, and I tracked from the scene where the dead lady in the casket arose and danced down the nave. The part where the band carried the casket to the hearse in the pouring rain while being surrounded by dancers with umbrellas is for me, the best ending I’ve ever seen in a music video.

Days later, I watched the complete video at my aunt’s house. Weeks later, a friend lent me his VCDs of alternative music videos.

"Helena" by My Chemical Romance
The vocalist belting the tune for those crossing over into the afterlife

Getting hooked on emo, alternative rock

“Helena” made me feel comfortable listening to emo and alternative rock songs, though I had come across many emo and alternative tracks before that. But My Chemical Romance made the genres cool in my ears. The song influenced my creativity and helped molded my personality, though in a deeply personal and private way.

“Helena” was the soundtrack of my life in 2005, probably the best song that year. It was the song that defined 2005, one of the best years of my life. It was the most requested track during the Halloween, with listeners dedicating the song to their deceased loved ones.

"Helena" by My Chemical Romance
“Helena” dances down the nave, meaning she’s crossing over into the afterlife.

Good music no more

My Chemical Romance later released “Welcome to the Black Parade” in 2006 and “Famous Last Words” in 2007. Music acts release materials as they should do, but for me, the band did it to keep alternative music alive in the time when music glorifying sex, drugs, thuggery and bullshitness are getting more plays and publicity.

Today’s music is not about musicianship anymore. It’s about playing false, playing cute, playing a fool at bar parties and orgies, playing sexy, seductive and macho. Young listeners don’t listen to quality songs anymore.

If only the good Lord will bring me back to the good old times.


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